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Your Health is Our Priority

Our drugs are safe and have passed standard quality checks.

The Trusted Pharmacy for Prescription Drugs in Niagara Falls

For over 14 years, Niagara Falls Centre Pharmacy has been serving the medical needs of the city of Niagara Falls in Ontario. You have come to the right location if you're looking for a full-service and reputable pharmacy for prescription refills and prescription drugs in Niagara Falls. We aim to provide a personalized experience to our customers to make them feel comfortable, and our staff is always willing to assist you with all your medical prescriptions. 

We provide you with medical prescriptions in the manufacturer's initial sealed packaging, ensuring 100 percent reliable prescription fulfillment. You can also take advantage of our free delivery service and get your medications or injections in the comfort of your own home.

We Are Experienced in Compounding Specialized Products

Our pharmacists have the knowledge and experience to compound formulations that may be more effective for individual conditions, for example, specialized creams or ointments for compounding any product that is not commercially available. 

Our team can compound a special formulation for children’s medication to taste more flavourful, or even create special creams for skin conditions that may require a mix of different elements to alleviate the condition. Speak to us and discuss your medical condition for which commercially available products are not providing relief. Our team can compound a special blend for you. We take pride in providing outstanding customer service while maintaining as much transparency as possible. To place your order today, please call us or email us

Seniors Co-pay Program

If you are over the age of 65 and are enrolled with the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) program, you get the benefit of not having to pay extra. Under our Seniors Copayment Program, you do not have to pay the additional $2 co-payment charge, for each drug purchased, which can amount to substantial savings for costly medical conditions. Contact us at Niagara Falls Centre Pharmacy for your medical purchases under the senior’s co-payment program.

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Top Quality Drugs and More

We offer a wide range of prescription drugs, injections and refills.

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Looking For a Medical Prescription Refill?

Order it right away. 

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Our weight loss medications can help.

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